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Email me, PM me or DM me to place your order I want to make sure I get the details/colors/fonts correctly I order these from a reputable company in the U.S.

Stockings $14.00 each with FREE personalization
18" L x 7.5" W
Foot Width- 12.25"
Jute/Cotton Blend
Juco May Contain Nautral Variations in Fabric

18" L x 7.5" W
Foot Width- 12.25"
100% 8 oz. Cotton Blend

Pillow Covers $16.00 each, with FREE personalization
18" L x 18" W
12 oz. cotton canvas material
Accomodates an 18" square pillow insert
* Shipping is not included, we might get a discount depending on our order.
* We have a minimum order to meet before I can order them.

These prices does not include shipping from the vendor, depending on our order we might receive a discount or qualify for free shipping. You will pay for shipping to you! I always search for the least expensive way.

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